You will write an APA-style paper (i.e. title page, double-spaced, 1-in margins,
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You will write an APA-style paper (i.e. title page, double-spaced, 1-in margins,
You will write an APA-style paper (i.e. title page, double-spaced, 1-in margins, header, Times New Roman, etc.) The page count DOES NOT include the title page or reference page. Paper must be 4-6 pages. Make sure you reference at least 4-6 articles/readings in your final paper. For the final paper, think about the past 3 guest speakers (Dr. Unique Starks, Fernanda Obeso LMSW, and Anika Carter LMSW). How have they incorporated an anti-oppressive lens or multicultural and social justice lens in their work? What kind of interpersonal skills do you hear them referring to in their lectures (reference your reading in the book). Can you name the systemic issues that impact the clients they work with? Describe why it is important to have a macro/systemic approach and a micro approach to interpersonal counseling. How can you be an accountable practioner/professional now or in the future? Lastly, reflect on yourself as a future human service professional (or your future professional self), do you see how Uniques, Fernanda, or Anika approaches can help your professional career? If not, identify possible avenues you would like to explore whether it is with yourself and your journey with growth and development or professionally with a population or careers you would like to consider. This final paper should demonstrate your knowledge of the readings and comprehension of the course with a systemic lens and interpersonal skills. It should also touch on your future self and how you can be an accountable practitioner in any field you work in. Lastly, what would you like to explore for your future self? Do some research on possible population or career you might want to pursue. Guest Speaker Bio Dr. UniQue Starks https://www.uniquecstarks.com/ Dr. UniQue C. Starks is a New York native that creates action-driven initiatives for the advancement of historically under-resourced communities. Starks’ exposure to limited resources and inadequate school systems caused her to see the dangers of social injustices within the black community. Dismantling inequities across disadvantaged communities has become her purpose. Dr. UniQue C. Starks earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from CUNY Brooklyn College, Masters of Social Work from the Silver School of Social Work at New York University, and Doctorate in Social Work at the University of Southern California. Starks’ life commitment is to the betterment of systematically deprived communities and it is thoroughly expressed throughout her work and professional accomplishments. Her leading initiative, The Starks Foundation takes an inside look into the lives of Black and Brown women, adolescents, and families who are coping with mental health, physical/sexual abuse, abandonment, and violence. Our Starks Foundation is a product of Dr. UniQue C. Starks’ 10-year experience in direct service work, policy, advocacy, social justice, and community outreach. Dr. UniQue C. Starks plans to utilize her expertise to develop opportunities and platforms to help redistribute resources within disadvantaged communities. Join Dr. Starks on the journey or contact her to learn more about her incredible work! Fernanda Obeso, LMSW Her name is Fernanda Obeso, but mostly goes by Ferny. She's an absolute champion of mental health. She is a Senior Social Work Manager and therapist for COOP Careers for California. She is also a full time mommy and a co-host for Grace in the Chaos podcast. Being from a small border town (El Centro, CA), she is no stranger to a lack of resources, BUT after having the opportunity to graduate with a masters in social work from New York university, SHE HAS BECOME A RESOURCE. Ferny also had the privilege to study mental health in several countries including Mexico, France, and Argentina. These opportunities in addition to growing up by border have truly fueled her passion for social change. Throughout her career as a therapist, she has seen a lot through individual, group, and family therapy; From domestic violence victims, to youth and adult drug users, criminal cases, probation youth, foster youth with severe trauma, residentials, to suicide risk clients, to community based work, and now college students. The one commonality in all cases she witnessed- the desire for peace and peace of mind. I am a therapist who believes everyone deserves that luxury, the luxury of mental peace and tranquility. My mantra is, Mental Health leads to Mental Wealth. Anika Carter, LCSW Anika Carter is the co-founder of Rooted. She is an Oakland native currently rooted in Harlem. Anika’s praxis and scope of work lie within the intersections of the individual and opportunities of growth, development and restoration. Anika is a practicing clinical therapist and full-spectrum doula. She is committed to dismantling the stigma within mental health treatment and supporting individuals to identify their liberation toward healing. She has over 8 years of community-centered experience, focusing on mental wellness and social advocacy. Anika has worked with a wide range of client populations from children to geriatrics within various settings including academic institutions, non-profit and government agencies. Anika received her MSW from New York University and her B.A. from San Francisco State University. Anika looks to support individuals and communities to reconnect with themselves by empowering their agency, autonomy, and voice. Her organization, Rooted, provides culturally responsive care that is centered on honoring the power of folks lived experiences and personal narratives. Rooted provides mental health treatment, reproductive and doula services and DEI training and consultation. With versed personal and academic experiences, Anika is committed to uplifting marginalized communities and pushing past the status quo to provide radical and sustainable change.

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