You are REQUIRED to write on these two articles. You may also use the Anne James
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You are REQUIRED to write on these two articles. You may also use the Anne James
You are REQUIRED to write on these two articles. You may also use the Anne James, Council, or Death Penalty sources if you find them helpful. Again, you are required to write on the Juvenile Death Penalty topic and the Heft and Smith articles are the two required sources. Paper #4 Argument Final Draft Due by 11:55pm May 4th Write a 750+ MLA-style essay in which you identify a debatable AND APPROVED question or issue, take a position in the debate, argue your position with evidence, and address at least one counterargument. A successful argument essay will be a balanced examination of an issue that is important to you. Your purpose is to convince your reader that your issue is worthy of debate and that your position is worth embracing. Your topic should NOT be: Be too extreme (no fringe ideas please) Too specific Too general An information based topic (history of World War II) Be on abortion, religion, death penalty, or eugenics In your argument essay, you will include background—an overview of the issue, problem, or debate to give your reader some context—and a thesis statement in which you establish your position. Your essay should demonstrate your understanding of and respect for other perspectives in the debate; finding common ground will make your argument stronger. You will devote most of the body of your essay to presenting evidence and reasons in favor of your position. The evidence can come from: statistics research findings testimony from experts or individuals affected by the issue government or agency reports photographs or videos other sources You are required to do some research to gather evidence and define the issue. Use at least two sources. Remember that good research helps you present yourself as knowledgeable and fair-minded. A successful argument will use logical and emotional appeals that are appropriate to the purpose and audience. In the body of your essay, you should also include a counterargument, a position that represents an objection to your position. As you plan out your argument, think about where to place the counterargument and how you’ll respond to it. There is no best place for the counterargument. Close the essay with a restatement of your thesis and some sense of what’s at stake in this debate. Assume an open-minded academic audience. Include a works cited list. * You are expected to write in a third person formal manner. See the Features of the Academic Essay. Failure to maintain a formal third person perspective will harm your grade. *You are expected to create a LOGICAL argument. You should avoid, at all costs, using a logical fallacy or emotional approach in your paper. * You are expected to cite quotes and paraphrased ideas in MLA format. No more than 20% of your paper should come from source material You are also expected to have a Works Cited page attached to the end of your paper.

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