This business analysis is based on the last proposal I have completed to write,
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This business analysis is based on the last proposal I have completed to write,
This business analysis is based on the last proposal I have completed to write, many of the required parts I have mentioned in the proposal, now I need to add the industry analysis required in this final submission of the project. I have uploaded the project requirements and attached my proposal for the project. Analytical Report For the analytical report assignment, you will write a document that compares and/or contrasts two alternatives of substance (products, actions, techniques, theoretical approaches, applications, etc.) that will act to solve a problem for a theoretical client by providing a recommendation based on a comparative, causal, or feasibility analysis. Although you are compiling analysis for a theoretical report and client, the alternatives you will be choosing between must be real, or have a substantial basis in reality. Spend some time investigating your options and creating a client, rhetorical situation, and realistic choices to fit the “situational parameters” of this assignment. It is also imperative to replicate a plausible situation, imitating what you can expect in your professional future as closely as you can. To familiarize yourself better with the requirements for this major assignment, carefully review the following sections: Guidelines for Selecting Report Topics General Report Requirements Content Requirements: The Elements of the Formal Report Guidelines for Selecting Report Topics Your analytical report will help the report’s readers make an informed decision about a realistic choice they must make, a problem that needs solving, or a situation that needs resolving with one of two options. The type of report you produce for this assignment will be determined by the rhetorical situation, or “case,” you fabricate, and by the focus of the investigation that situation will require. Consider using one of the following types of investigations for your report project. An investigative focus deciding between competing products to perform a needed task, service, or to solve a problem: The report might compare and contrast two competing products, investigate how the features or components of each will perform within the situational parameters, and recommend one product over the other. An investigative focus determining which of two competing solutions is more feasible: The report might investigate whether Y or Z is a more feasible solution to a client’s problem and, based on the results of the investigation, make a recommendation to implement Y, Z, or neither. An investigative focus convincing a client to implement a particular action, technique, theoretical approach, application, etc., to solve a problem, or fulfill a need or task: The report might propose that the client authorize (provide the funding or permission for) the writer to implement X, and not Y. The report might propose that the client consider an alternate method, procedure, or product for meeting an existing need (would compare existing versus alternative). General Report Requirements The general report requirements are as follows: Length: The body of the report should be approximately 5-8 pages, single-spaced, not including the front and back matter (title page, executive summary, table of contents, list of illustrations, appendices, exhibits of data, bibliography/works cited pages, etc.). Note: I am not overly concerned with length, and will not deduct points concerning length; rather, I am concerned with adequate development. Use page suggestions as a general guideline. Sources: Use a minimum of six sources, cited both in a works cited or references page and in in-text citations. Visuals: Use a minimum of three visuals, unless you have arranged otherwise with your instructor. (Note: Your visuals will not count toward the six source minimum unless you engage with them in the text—e.g., a chart that you refer to in the report). Format: Format your report as a professional document. Use single-spaced paragraphs with double spaces between paragraphs. Use at least two levels of headings in addition to the title (main sections and subsections), with appropriate formats for each level. Pagination: Paginate your front matter using lowercase Roman numerals (ii, iii, iv, etc.) and the rest using Arabic numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.). Content Requirements: The Elements of the Formal Report The content requirements are as follows: Front Matter Title Page Table of Contents Body Introduction Executive Summary Case Overview Alternatives Criteria Comparison Recommendation End Matter Works Cited, or References List of Illustrations

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