(The country i chose for this report is Russia, instructions are below.) Global
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(The country i chose for this report is Russia, instructions are below.) Global
(The country i chose for this report is Russia, instructions are below.) Global Communication Report Choose a country for your report. The paper is an overview of the current national communication structure and media of a chosen country based on the 4 webites below. The country you choose must be listed on all 4 websites below. (I chose Russia) Source Requirements You must compile your report with information or articles from the four following websites: 1. Media Landscapes (click on "countries") https://medialandscapes.org 2. Reporters Without Borders (click on "countries") https://rsf.org/en 3. Freedom House (click on "countries") https://freedomhouse.org/countries/freedom-world/scores 4. Pew Research: internet and social media global usage
8 charts on internet use around the world as countries grapple with COVID-19
In addition to the above websites you can use a basic information site such as wikipedia. No academic or scholarly journals can be used for this report. You can use a recent ( 2020 - 2022) article from a news site like the NY Times, WSJ, CNN, BBC, etc. if you want to add in information about social media or popular culture. Length Requirements The report should be approx 5 pages, double spaced (approx 1200-1400 words.) Do not write a paper that exceeds the length requirements. Use a standard citation method (MLA or APA) in the bibliography for the 4 websites and any additional sources. Format Introduction: This should be a short paragraph of a few sentences - very,very brief overview of the demographics, political system, economy, etc. (can be from wikipedia or similar site. ) (You do not have to address every question that follows, use them as a guide - find what is most relevant to your country) Body 1: Identify and discuss the country’s national media model and/or media organizations. What are the mainstream media sources: newspapers, radio, television, internet? ( Media Landscapes is best for this.) Do these media sources display a bias (liberal or conservative) or are they objective? Is there freedom of the press? Are there alternative forms of media that challenge the government or status quo? (Reporters Without Borders and Media Landscapes are useful for this section.) Body 2: Which sources and/or technology are most commonly used to communicate, for example, social media. Is this a high tech nation or a developing nation with few technological resources? How is this country perceived in terms of global communication influence? Where does it stand in the digital divide? (Pew charts and Freedom House are are useful for this section) Body 3: How have the influences of globalization changed the landscape of communication in this country over the past 20 years? What do you think the future holds? If you want to use this section to talk about social media or popular culture like film, music, or tv, you can browse for current news articles to add in. Conclusion: Summarize very briefly Plagiarism Please reread the plagiarism statement in the syllabus. This paper is very straightforward, easily researched, and need not be overwritten. It MUST be written in the same manner as your discussion board posts.

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