Scenario It is 9.30 pm you have just taken handover you are the Registered Nurse
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Scenario It is 9.30 pm you have just taken handover you are the Registered Nurse
Scenario It is 9.30 pm you have just taken handover you are the Registered Nurse in charge of the unit, you have been qualified 6 months. You have been informed that one of your colleagues is off sick. The duty manager is aware and has told you by telephone that an agency staff nurse will be at the unit by 10pm. At this moment there is only you and an Assistant Care Practitioner (ACP) with 5 years’ experience on the ward. Your ward is an 18 bedded Acute Medical Unitarranged into 3 Bays A: 6 beds B: 4 beds C: 6 beds and 2 side rooms S1 and S2. Only 2 beds are free – they are in Bay A.The unit is a designated receiving station for patients who may be suffering from Covid 19 coronavirus. The ACP asks you to come and look at Mrs Haddock in Bay B. Mrs Haddock looks pale, sweaty and is complaining of central chest pain, as you reach her, she stops breathing and becomes unresponsive. On seeing Mrs Haddock collapse, Mrs Jonsum in the opposite bed clutches her chest and cries out. You can see she is in pain but is conscious. Mrs Haddock PMH 85-year-old female. Ischaemic Heart Disease, Myocardial Infarction 1 year ago. Admitted with increasing Shortness of Breath 12 hours ago. Initial diagnosis: Acute Heart Failure.Patient is on intravenous infusion of Furosemide running at 5mg per hour. At 7pm tonight confirmed positive for Covid 19. Mrs Jonsum PMH 85-year-old female. Angina, admitted with unstable Angina now controlled on self-administered GTN spray. Due for discharge at 10.00 pm tonight, she has already been given the GTN spray and a pack of Aspirin 75 mgs to take home. You have access to all equipment, medications and colleaguesthat would be present on an Acute Medical Unit of a District General Hospital. 1. Critically discuss and provide a clear rationale for theimmediate and relevant care of both patients from the perspective of a recently qualified staff nurse. Essay Brief • The essay must be presented in an essay format, an introduction, body and conclusion must be present. • Minimum number of references 10, Maximum number of references 20 • Reference list must be attached and submitted with essay. • This is not just an essay about the management of care. Inthis essay you will detail how you give care in a compassionate and caring manner. • Begin with a clear introduction that structures your answer and set out the main points you wish to address. • In the body of your answer, you may use paragraphs to section and cover your main points. Ensure you connect your paragraphs so the writing flows. This is an essay not just a set of paragraphs. • You must briefly define and demonstrate your understanding of the clinical conditions you aremanaging • You must provide a rationale for all of your interventions. You may use a model of assessment to structure your answer. • Critical discussion and reasoning should be demonstrated in the body of the essay. You are therefore encouraged to deconstruct the scenario, detail relevant points, explain your thinking on and management of said points and the decisions and interventions you will make in relation to the clients. Ensure that you support your writing with clear and explicit citations thereby demonstrating evidence based practice. • Relevancy is central to your answer. You should structure your answer so that immediate and priority care management is central to your answer. • Finally, review the management style or theory you think you have used to manage the scenario and give your reasons for using this style or theory. • End with a conclusion, no new material should be presented in the conclusion. I have drafted the content of the essay.

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