RESEARCH PROJECT GUIDANCE FOR EDLD 8434 The size, scope, and organization of Ame
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RESEARCH PROJECT GUIDANCE FOR EDLD 8434 The size, scope, and organization of Ame
RESEARCH PROJECT GUIDANCE FOR EDLD 8434 The size, scope, and organization of American community colleges vary widely from state to state. To help illustrate and understand the differences, each student in this course will select a different state upon which to research and report. Students will select a state following the initial class sessions so that students can begin their research. The research report will consist of a PowerPoint presentation with accompanying notes (using the note function of PowerPoint, not a separate report) for each slide. In addition to clarifying and amplifying the content of the slide, use the note function of PowerPoint to provide the references for the data and information the slide contains. The completed research PowerPoint/report is due on the date listed on the course syllabus or as indicated by instructor. There are many resources available to provide the data and information needed for the reports on each state. First, our textbook might present material concerning the state assigned. Students will want to conduct various Internet searches for literature such as journal articles, books, research reports, etc. to locate material on their own assigned state. These Internet searches should include appropriate state agencies such as a department of education, a higher education commission, or some other state coordinating body. Statewide associations of community colleges, their administrators, or faculties might also be found. Do not forget to check periodically for articles in appropriate local news media concerning the assigned state of your community colleges. The organization of the research reports will follow the same pattern that is found in the organization of our textbook and our Learning Modules in our course. Students should collect data, make notes, and draft content for their final project as we consider the various topics covered in the Learning Modules. Each research report will contain the nine following sections: Background – In this section of the report, the slides and their narratives will provide some history of the community college segment of higher education in the state. It will also provide material that characterizes the community college segment today: the number of institutions, a breakdown as to public versus private community colleges, and the size of the community college segment in relation to the four-year colleges and universities in the state, etc. Students – This section will contain information such as the combined enrollments of the state’s community colleges and information regarding the demographic populations they serve. Faculty – In addition to the important issue of the presence or absence of collective bargaining on the part of the faculty, other matters such as faculty preparation and distribution between the various educational functions can be provided, full- time/part-time ratios, etc. Governance and Administration – This is a very important section. Explain the mechanisms employed to provide for statewide coordination and control of the community colleges and address the effectiveness of these mechanisms. It will not be necessary to consider the administration of individual institutions. Finance – This is also an important section. Information regarding the financial support provided to the community colleges by local and state governments will be presented. Information regarding tuition rates charged by the community colleges as compared to four-year colleges would also be a part of this section. Vocational Education – This section will address the size and scope of vocational education in comparison to the other educational functions of the community colleges of your state. Any information that can be provided regarding the impact of vocational education on the state’s economy would be very useful. Developmental Education – This section will address the size and scope of the developmental education function of the community colleges of your state. Evidence of the changing nature of the state’s efforts in developmental education as well as its success would be valuable. Retention/Completion Initiatives – This section will address the size and scope of retention/progression/graduation initiatives of the community colleges of your state. Some information illustrating examples of initiatives and the level of success should be included. Collegiate Education – This important section will present data on the level of success achieved by the state’s community colleges in preparing students for transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Include information regarding the nature and number of students who begin their pursuit of upper-division degrees at the community colleges—is that number changing and, if so, how. Each of these nine sections of the student’s PowerPoint presentation should consist of 3 to 4 slides, which are amplified with notes, so the total final project should be a minimum of 27 slides and a maximum of 36 slides. File naming convention for the assignment Save your project in PowerPoint and use the following file naming convention:

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