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Pick one topic

1) Write a proposal that solves a relevant problem in our society or in your life.  Explore the causes of the problem and come up with a plan that solves it.  Then identify all the benefits that would come about if the problem were solved according to your plan.  The best topics for proposals are ones that affect your life in some way.  Pick a problem that you feel strongly about or something that affects your everyday life.  

2) Write a proposal that offers a better way to grade students at your college.  You can propose to improve the current system or start completely over.  If you want, you could even write a proposal in which you argue that the grading system  is unnecessary and should be dispensed with. 

Your essay must be three full pages at roughly 250-300 words per page. It must be headed properly, typed in the correct font, double-spaced, and in MLA (Modern Language Association) format.  The MLA guide can be found in your files section or Documenting your Source Material. 


Things to include/consider in your proposal:

 1) You must clearly explain the problem you will be discussing.

2) You must explain how this specific problem affects you directly or our society.

3) You may use research to help develop a plan to solve the problem, but most of it should be your own solution.  Do not go to a website and copy their solution for a problem you are discussing.

4) Make sure to cite ANYTHING used from an additional source.  This includes using in-text citations and including a separate works cited page.

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