PLEASE READ BEFORE ACCEPTING ORDER! Multiple due dates prior to final deadline.
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PLEASE READ BEFORE ACCEPTING ORDER! Multiple due dates prior to final deadline.
PLEASE READ BEFORE ACCEPTING ORDER! Multiple due dates prior to final deadline. May 13th: Research Question Deadline May 13th: Research Proposal Project Sampling Assignment (Microsoft document attached) June 24th: Final paper due. ****As of now, only dates set in stone, could change though**** The research question and methods paper provides you the opportunity to expand upon the knowledge you gained in SOC 331 in forming a research question, performing empirical research using the library databases, and APA style. In addition, this paper allows you to develop knowledge around how best to employ an appropriate research method for your chosen topic. This paper is your opportunity to demonstrate your ability to critically think through the creation of a research question and discussion of the methodology of your choosing. It will also provide you with the opportunity to continue to expand your knowledge of APA style. A 6-8 page paper in APA style in which you create a research question based on your topic of interest, but also related to the disciplines within the behavioral sciences. In this paper, create a research question and explain what specific type of research method you would use if you were to conduct research to answer your research question. Do not conduct any research. Be sure to explain why you would choose this method and how it is better than some of the other methods for answering your question. In addition, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your proposed research method, and use citations from the textbook. This will be the “heart” of this paper. Be sure to explain this section in detail and provide specific examples. Relate the strengths and weaknesses to your topic, and how, as a researcher, you would compensate for any weaknesses. Keep in mind that research methods are not right or wrong, just appropriate or not appropriate for answerng the research question. Explain the ethical considerations to keep in mind if you were to conduct research on your chosen topic. How would you address confidentiality and anonymity (Hint: You can't have both)? How would you protect your subjects or participants? You will also be expected to briefly summarize and cite from a minimum of five (5) scholarly articles and the textbook. Minimum means that you have met this requirement for the assignment, which equates to a letter grade of C (satisfactory) for this rubric category. You may use other high quality non-scholarly sources. You may use any resources in this Canvas site. A good paper would “weave in" specific examples from all of your sources into the text of your paper. Be sure to connect the scholarly articles to what you have to say about your chosen research method. In much of your professional life, you will be asked by your supervisor, clients or funders: how is the program doing or what can/should we do differently? While they may be interested in what you think, they will very interested in what you know, especially if you can back up your opinion with facts, literature based theory, statistics, and/or logical reasoning. Anyone can have opinions, but those that really matter are ones that are well-thought out, backed up by existing literature, and developed through the deployment of rigorous research. Being able to do research into a problem or evaluate an existing program will distinguish you from those who cannot. The best way to approach this assignment is to first create your research question and then concentrate on finding your sources so that you can see how others are researching your topic and the ethical considerations surrounding it. Next, spend the bulk of your time discussing how you would conduct the research. A good place to start is to consider your methodology…will you employ a Quantitative or Qualitative Methodology? Then, think about data collection methods…i.e.: interviews, surveys, or observations. Finish up by continuing to add details about your methods. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. For example, if everyone who does research on your topic is using case study methodology, that is a huge clue that you should probably be using this methodology for your paper. If you have any questions or need some guidance, please contact your instructor.

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