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life review
  • Write a 1-1.5 page Life Review based on what you have learned this semester. Your Life Review should be written as if you are at the end of your life (use your imagination), documenting the lessons you have learned (including information from this class).
  • Treat this writing assignment as if it is a journal entry where you are recounting, in your own words, what you have learned about the lifespan.  The reason we have asked that you write this paper in the form of a journal is that we are trying to get you to consider the life events that seem personally meaningful to you, not just academically significant.  What this means is that rather that just listing changes that occur, you will write about how those changes affect your life experience.  
  • To receive full credit you need to make reference to  at least 3 separate developmental events.  One of these events should occur during the infancy/childhood years, one during adolescence, and one during the adult years.  You are also encouraged to pick events that vary in the type of development that is occurring.  What this means is that if you talk about the significance of physical growth during one of the stages, it would be good to look at something related to cognitive or emotional development in the other stages.
  • Although this is intended to be in the form of a  journal entry, you will still be graded based on the quality of your writing. Therefore, please proofread carefully and get help with proper spelling and grammar if necessary.

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