here is the link to the video for this assignment https://gcc.instructure.com/me
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here is the link to the video for this assignment https://gcc.instructure.com/me
here is the link to the video for this assignment https://gcc.instructure.com/media_objects_iframe/m-4NXq77mbb9dcGPAfK4sTdi6kxHAbSyya?type=video https://gcc.instructure.com/media_objects_iframe/m-4NXq77mbb9dcGPAfK4sTdi6kxHAbSyya?type=video Your boss, Frida Hacopian, is looking into spending a week-long vacation with her friend, Suzy, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, between July 1 and July 9 of this year. She knows airfares fluctuate over time and that the cost tends to be lower when the vacation is purchased as a package. She wants to have an idea about the prices of a vacation packages so he can budget for this trip. The vacation package she considers the best includes an economy-class airfare and 4-star or more lodging for two adults in the downtown areas of Philidelphia near main city attractions. She prefers early morning non-stop flights out of LAX on July 1 and late afternoon or early evening returning non-stop flights from Philadelphia on July 9. While she is indifferent about the choice of the airline, she definitely cares about the accommodation. The hotel should have at least 4-star rating and no major negative reviews from recently-visited guests. The hotel must offer a good location (near popular tourist attractions) and include most standard amenities such as a wireless Internet connection and a gym. Extra amenities such as free airport shuttle service, pool, and on-site rental car office are a plus, but not a requirement. Your boss wants you to come up with a comparison chart for three to five vacation packages that includes travel dates/times, airline, hotel, total price (airfare plus hotel), and your comments (not suggestions) about each option. Your assignment: Conduct an on-line search of vacation packages using popular travel websites and tabulate the results in a simple, nicely-formatted table which provides an easy-to-understand comparison of the vacation packages. Write your findings in a full-block style letter to your boss, Frida Hacopian, at 818 S. Bend Street, Glendale, CA 91208. This letter should not exceed two pages in length. Include the comparison table in the body of the letter, not as a separate page or attachment. Follow the guidelines in this module to create the comparison table (visual aid) in Excel or Google Sheets and copy/paste it into your letter. All the required guidelines of an effective visual aid, as noted in this module, must be followed in creating your comparison table. Your letter should only provide the required information without any of your recommendation. Watch this video that can help you with this assignment. Rubric Score 1 Score 1 Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCommand of the English language Full sentences that vary appropriately to show relationships, emphasis, and de-emphasis. Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word usage. Paragraphs that show unity, coherence, and use transitions 5 pts No errors 4.5 pts Minor errors 4 pts Few errors 3.5 pts Repeated errors 3 pts Deficient text 2 pts Need multiple improvements 0 pts Missed opportunity 5 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCorrect format Correct email, letter, memo, or manuscript format as determined by class discussion and textbook 3 pts Perfect 2 pts Acceptable 1 pts Deficient 0 pts Missed opportunity 3 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeClear business writing Audience analysis completed, including use of the "you" view and focus on the audience needs. Positive tone and concise, clear business writing. 2 pts Professional 1.5 pts Minor errors 1 pts Repeated errors 0 pts Missed opportunity 2 pts

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