FINAL Assignment-Assignment 3 May 5, 2021 10 The Barack Obama Community Center C
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FINAL Assignment-Assignment 3 May 5, 2021 10 The Barack Obama Community Center C
FINAL Assignment-Assignment 3 May 5, 2021 10 The Barack Obama Community Center Congratulations! You have just been appointed the new Director of The Barack Obama Community Center (BOCC). You are new to the district, and this is your first directorship. Your immediate supervisor, Dr. Jordan (CEO) of the Department of Recreation and Parks, congratulated you in a meeting following the Board meeting that confirmed your appointment. She knows that you are leaving tomorrow on your long-planned vacation with your family. She gives you a folder with some information about your new community center and asks you to provide her with a written report so that she can review it while she is on her vacation, which begins the day after you return. Remember that your contract is contingent on your outcomes. Your salary is 125,000.00 The folder contains: The enrollment, mobility and assessment spec sheets The reading and math data from two Dover schools (elementary and high school) The School Improvement Plan completed by the former director A letter, received by the Superintendent, from a parent questioning the community center’s commitment to cooperative learning. Your Assignment -- ***General Directions*** Explain how you would operate The BOCC by preparing a report to your supervisor containing the following heading (I, M, A, G, I, N, E). Details of this model can be found in Chapter 7 in the course textbook (7th Edition).Write each section of the report in narrative format and label the sections. In your beach bag you have brought along some other reading. It includes statistics on the population in close proximity to the Community center, home and apartment value in the neighbor close to the community center, statistics on the educational level of the parents in the neighborhood (s), transportation options - close to the community center ...You also have several articles that have been included in your packet that discuss how to IMAGINE and PREPARE when attempting to create a macro change. Reference and cite these materials appropriately to support your arguments in all sections of your report. This report should be 8-10 pages, APA style, double-spaced page and size 12 point font. Cite a minimum of THREE different references to support the key points. Provide information from scholarly sources to support the key points References can come from the readings and other published sources. Sections for your Report I – Innovative Idea I Based on your understanding of teaching and learning as well as larger education issues, discuss the purpose of the community center. (Citations/evidence) M- Muster support and formulate an action system Who would you use to assist you with your plan .....why.... (Citations/evidence) A- Identify Assets 11 G- Specify Goals and Objectives and action steps to attain them I-Implement the plan N-Neutralize the opposition E-Evaluate the progress of macro change BOCC Fact Sheet The BOCC is one of five community centers in Dover Delaware. The population of the schools in area has been increasing for the past five years. There are approximately 26 students in each class, compared to 21 students per class five years ago. Student demographics are also changing as indicated in the two charts below. There are 5 active parent organizations. Among other things, the parent organization has conducted a successful fund-raising campaign and donated the profits to the five of the school’s computer programs. Some of the leaders of the parent organization have made a point of requesting certain teachers for their children. While this is theoretically counter to district policy, most of these requests have been honored. A subsidized housing project has brought many children of low-income families into the school district for the first time.

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