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English M01C Research Paper Spring 2022 You will write an argument research pape
English M01C Research Paper Spring 2022 You will write an argument research paper of 8-10 pages in length on one of the following questions: Are we losing more or are we gaining more with our social media/networking technologies? Should freedom of expression include the right to offend? Here are the guidelines. You are responsible for reading and following all of these: This paper will be a formal argumentative paper that advocates one side of an issue through the use of facts, studies, and expert opinion. It must follow the “Classical Argument” structure we have talked about in class (See Handout on our class website). Also, please label each section of this Classical Argument structure in the version you turn in to me. Your objective is to critically analyze information, gain knowledge and understanding about a certain issue, and articulate these ideas in a clear, organized, and credibly persuasive manner. Your paper must have a clearly established thesis. This thesis must be an argument. Be sure to answer the question above. Reflect on all of the readings from the semester and how each writer has attempted to develop his/her argument. What strategies do they use? You are required to use direct quotes from at least one of our class readings and at least 5 different outside sources in your paper. The quality of your research is important, especially with topics such as this. It is your responsibility to use credible, informed authorities for building your arguments (Ask of your sources: What gives this individual the authority to speak on this subject? Experience? Credentials? Published material? PhD?). Do not use Pro/Con or other introductory websites for your sources. You want experts in your field, not general topic sources. Also, anecdotal evidence, while powerful and immediate to your own experience, has little value in a research paper. Use your personal experience in the introduction or conclusion, but rely on credible studies and expert opinion for the body of your argument. Please note that each question is focused on a specific aspect of an issue. Do not make the mistake of writing about technologies in general, or freedom of expression in general. We will be using the MLA style of documentation. Your paper must follow this system accurately and completely (50 points of possible 200 is based on MLA usage). This paper will be a culmination of all the writing and instruction from the semester. It is a final and comprehensive evaluation of your critical thinking and writing skills. Grammar and punctuation must be error free. Produce your best effort, perfect on all levels. Don’t expect to have all the answers before you do your research. The most valuable reason for doing research is that you find out answers and base your ideas/argument on sound evidence and reasoning discovered in the process. Whatever you say, you must prove. Don’t assume things are true because your experience says so, or because it seems “obvious.” If the technology is addicting, then prove it. If privacy is being invaded, then prove it. If there is more bullying, then prove it. If expression should include offensiveness, prove it.

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