Brief: edit a special Student Life edition of Bournemouth entertainment and life
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Brief: edit a special Student Life edition of Bournemouth entertainment and life
Brief: edit a special Student Life edition of Bournemouth entertainment and lifestyle magazine. Client’s tips: the magazine should feature four sections, covering Food & Drink, Arts & Culture, Live Music & Clubbing and Health & Wellbeing ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Produce a media project management plan using the sections listed below • Include the full title of the brief that your plan refers to, in your title • Use tables, lists, bullet points and other ways of presenting this information where appropriate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Practical info: • You are tasked with the following: - - Researching suitable material to feature in each section. - Securing interviewees/contributors to feature in each section. - Setting deadlines for writers and photographers to cover each section. - Setting deadlines to deliver finished copy and images to the production team (sub-editors and designers). - Liaising with the production team to get the issue ready to be printed. - Producing social media posts to promote the issue. • The in-house production team will proofread and design the magazine. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SECTIONS OF YOUR PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLAN 1. PM Approaches: Apply your knowledge of a range of project management approaches to the project you plan to undertake. Section includes: a brief evaluation of Traditional, Agile, Extreme and Emerxte PM approaches, along with an explanation of which approach you plan to take in direct relation to the specific requirements of your project. 2. Scoping: Demonstrate an understanding of the client brief and assess the resources needed for the project Section includes: a Work Breakdown Structure plan; a Work Breakdown Schedule. 3. Stakeholders: List the stakeholders for your project, identify their importance and the effect that they have on the project. Section includes: Stakeholder Radar diagram; Stakeholder Power/Interest Matrix; Roles & Responsibilities Matrix. 4. Risks: Produce a realistic risk analysis for your project to predict potential issues and prepare contingency plans Section includes: Risk Assessment Matrix, Risk Analysis Chart; a brief overview of the potential for Project Creep. 5. Timelines: Produce realistic timelines for your project plan Section includes: a Critical Path Method diagram; a project Gantt Chart. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOR ALL BRIEFS, YOU CAN ASSUME THAT… • Any requests (for example for access to buildings or relating to image rights or similar IP/copyright issues etc.) will be granted. • People you approach will agree to participate. • You have a budget that will cover all expenses. Your plan does not need to include a budget but it should be realistic and cost-effective. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GENERAL ADVICE: - • You are taking the role of Project Manager. • You are being asked to produce a plan, NOT to actually undertake the work. • It’s OK if the plan contains some uncertainties. - For example, if you plan to research a range of locations in order to decide which one to use, then the final location will not be known at the planning stage. Such uncertainties are OK, as long as they are planned for. • Check whether your plan is clear enough by asking “Could another person run the project using this plan?”

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