1. You are now to research your topic by finding an empirical journal articl
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1. You are now to research your topic by finding an empirical journal articl
1. You are now to research your topic by finding an empirical journal article on the library’s database. -The research paper is due November 7, 11:55pm- for resources. If you are to use a website- they must be CREDIBLE-not wikipedia!. Use a mix of journal articles and if you are using a website-it must be credible! The electronic library database is comprised of published journals in myriad fields of study. You may also use books, such as your textbook as a reference! 2. Once you have found 3 references, create an APA formatted Reference Page. A great resource to help with this is Purdue Owl, online. I have also included an Example Below. Drop your reference page into the file drop below. 3. After completing your reference page, please type the title page of your research paper. You are NOT to use the title of any references as the title of your paper. Drop your title page into the file drop below. Please follow the outline of the Title Page below. Accessing the Electronic Library Database When you begin to think about writing, the first thing one must do is think about a topic. Oftentimes, as a student, a topic or series of topics will be assigned. Research is the second step in the writing processes. When researching a chosen topic, it is imperative that the sources be accurate and credible. Today, almost all libraries are equipped with electronic databases. What this means is that the actual books and journals still exist, but the information is now uploaded into an electronic database. This saves time, space and resources. When you access the database, the researcher must input the information it is seeking. This processes replaces the librarian or reference desk individual that would walk the researcher to the exact isle where the book and or journal information would be. Access the electronic library by going to http://search.ebscohost.com/ This may be accessed from home or from campus. Below are the steps to successfully maneuvering the electronic library: To find journals: Click on “Browse Resources” Scroll down to choose the database EbscoHost You will be prompted to enter a user name here if logging in from any non-campus computer. Username: mecollege Password: Nursing03! Search your topic by typing in your topic and any other key words that may be related to what your ideas are. For example, if you wanted to research depression, you would type in depression. Underneath that first line there are two lines that say and, type in more specific details about depression that you want to know. If I wanted to research depression in young females, I might try depression, females and adolescents. A list of titles and parts of abstracts will pop up. Make sure you can click onto the full PDF full text of the article.

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